PKR Shop – Mix Poker and Shopping

A 3D experience of online poker is not the only reason that drives a large number of poker players towards PKR – the site has a lot more to offer. A unique way of attracting players has been started by the site with PKR shop. The shop brings before you a wide range of products. including electronic goods, computer items, books and magazines, apparel and a host of other interesting things.

How do you grab some of your favourite products from the PKR shop?  All you need to do is, to be a consistent player in PKR and exchange your PKR points with the things you like to pick up.

Significance of the PKR shop

A number of online poker sites may offer you a lot of points every time you play with real money. However, these points have little to offer in terms of benefits except being accumulated as loyalty points. The points can be of some use, if you are using the particular poker site on a regular basis but not anything beyond that. These points keep building up without actually achieving anything for the players. But this is not what you see with PKR and herein lies the difference. You can exchange your points with the attractive items sold in PKR shop.

On entering the shop, you will have two options to choose from – merchandise and tournament tickets.

Merchandise section

The PKR merchandise section has a host of interesting products to offer. The section consists of all kinds of clothing and real life gear that you can ask for, most of them being branded with the cool PKR logo. This place has stylish PKR hooded sweatshirts with the PKR logo right on the front. You can also find nice PKR polos, hats and lots of other fun items to choose from. The points you need to exchange to buy a product may differ as per the nature and quality of the product.

The best part about making purchases from the PKR online shop is that the product is going to be delivered to you no matter which part of the globe you reside in. But once the order is placed, you need to hold on to it at least for about four to five weeks.

Tournament tickets section

With your accumulated points, you can get exactly what you want – entry into the biggest poker tournaments. Buying tournament tickets is probably the best way to use your points, as by doing so, you end up putting money back to your bankroll, which acts as a kind of investment.

You can choose to exchange your points with an entry to PKR’s phase tournaments in which you start off with a small buy in and then move steadily through the series to head off to a huge cash price win in the final phase. You can also purchase an entry to PKR’s biggest monthly tournaments.

A few other things you should know about the PKR shop

If you don’t have enough points accumulated but are tempted to pick some items from the PKR shop with real money – this is not what the site allows. The products can be bought only with points and not with real money. Also, before placing the order, think carefully about it, as once the order is processed, it may not be possible to cancel it as the product immediately goes for packing and then shipping. However, if you want to exchange the item after receiving, it is possible, provided you have valid reasons for doing so, such as wrong size or incorrect shipment, or any other problems.

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