Raise Your Game – A look at PKR’s Exclusive Strategy Section

A mixture of excitement, skill, luck and psychology, online poker’s popularity has exploded over the past few years. It is not difficult to learn the game and some knowledge about strategies can make you a skilled poker player. PKR.com, one of the most visited poker rooms, provides an exclusive library consisting of useful information on poker rules and strategies.

This educational section of PKR, specifically designed for beginners is worth spending your time at. The section consists of a full multimedia library of training articles and videos which make your game learning process easier. Game concepts, strategies and theories are discussed to enhance your poker knowledge and the part of the website where you can find this informative section is known as ‘Raise Your Game’.

Free high quality Poker strategy

Being one of the most popular online poker rooms, PKR always aims at providing the players with the best gaming experience. One way to ensure that is to make the players learn the right strategies so that they can make the most out of the game. There isn’t a player who mastered the game at one go. There are talented players who learn the game fast and average players learn the right poker skills with practice. It takes them a while to reach the highest level in poker. Keeping this in mind, PKR has provided a special section on the website where you can find lots of poker learning material, including articles and videos completely free of cost.

The best part about the ‘Raise Your Game’ section is that, you don’t need to be a PKR member to enjoy the learning benefits. You can simple learn the tricks and apply in the free online poker games as well. Simply visit the official PKR website and navigate to the strategy section.

400+ Poker strategy articles

There are more than 400 articles and videos in this section covering every problem pertaining to the online poker world. To get what you want, you can either browse through the articles or opt for an advanced search and browse through categories like ‘most recommended’, ‘most recently added’, ‘most commented’ or ‘most read’. The different sections of Raise Your Game includes the Sit and Go strategy, MTT strategy, Ring game strategy, Meta game, Beginners strategy (solely for the new comers), How to play, and Strategy series.

The How to play section teaches you about the basic foundations of online poker and help you master the game in no time by enlightening you about every little detail. Important aspects of poker like hand rankings and how to start with hand selection are covered in this section. If you prefer to read and learn, you can check the downloadable online poker guide.

Once you are done with learning the basics, you can glance through the informative Beginners strategy guide articles that teach you everything you need to know to get started with your poker journey. Tips on making your first deposit, choosing the right game, how to win cash games, Sit and Go’s and making the most of your PKR money are some of the things you can find here.

The current strategy series running in ‘Raise Your Game’ consists of 11 articles and helps you get acquainted with playing six max ring games. You can learn useful insights on exploiting your opponents in ring games, fixing your six max leaks and other aspects. The MTT strategy section currently aims at enlightening you about the difference that a buy-in makes.

If you are curious to know about the people providing you with the rich content of Raise your Game, you can glance through the ‘Our Writers’ section where you can find a list of writers who have contributed towards Raise Your Game on PKR. Click here to visit PKR and check out the Raise your game section