PKR Points – Learn More About the System

If you are an ardent online poker follower, you must be familiar with the concept of points. The points are called by different names, sometimes as VIP points or sometimes as frequent player points, and in PKR’s case they are simply called PKR points. Whatever is the name given, the logic behind points is to reward the players for spending time at the tables and also encouraging them to play more.

PKR runs its point system in a significantly different way when compared to the other poker rooms. When most of the prominent poker rooms allow you to earn a maximum of three points per hand, the points offered by PKR are much more. However, the points are awarded according to what you contribute to the pot, so if you are not in the hand, you will not earn any points. Here is a look at the way the PKR point system works.

Earning points at PKR

PKR points can be earned in two ways. One way is the points given by PKR itself when you sign up and deposit for the first time. But these points have certain limitations in terms of the usage as they are not points that you have earned by playing. So, you can’t make use of these points as bonuses. However, the points can be used in case you want to take something from the PKR shop. The second way of accumulating PKR points is by earning them through real money games. You can either do this by playing at the real money tables or by buying into tournaments.

How the system works in tournaments

For every one dollar that you spend for your entry fees, you will be receiving hundred PKR points. This fee is typically 10% of the buy-in.

How the system works in real money games

The points awarded for playing with real money tables work more or less in the way mentioned below. PKR points are arrived at based on the money you put in the pot, apportioned between the players currently in the game, which implies that the more the pot is, the more is the amount of points that everyone receives. Your points also depend on your own contribution to the pot. In a single hand, you can’t exceed beyond three hundred points which is the maximum limit. Click here to join PKR

Examples from real games

In case of a cash game with four hands, with a pot of $50 raked at $2.50, a player who bets a total of $9 is the recipient of forty five points which means about eighteen percent of the pot contributed. Whereas, when the game is six handed, where there is a cap on the rake at the maximum limit set by PKR, a total of eighty nine points will be awarded to the player on contributing $30. But the pot has to reach $101.50 before the points are awarded.

How to use the PKR points

PKR gives you a good number of options to use the points that you gather. The best way to use these points is for clearing bonuses. Another way of making use of the points is to outfit your avatar. You can pick up things like shirts, pants, hats and tattoos from your dressing room by exchanging the points. To buy most of these items, you can gather points by playing not more than an hour or two. You can also buy interesting things from PKR’s own shop or use the points for buying chip tricks. Chip tricks are also available in the dressing room. Click here to join PKR and start earning points today!