PKR Rakeback

If you’ve been playing online poker for a while now, you’ve probably heard other players talk about rakeback, or maybe you already know what rakeback is and are looking for the best deal you can find. Either way, we’ve got a great PKR rakeback deal that could save you a lot of money while you play your poker at PKR. We can offer you 30% rakeback at PKR Poker!. This is the maximum allowed rakeback on PKR, and comes in addition to the $800 welcome bonus!

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How rakeback works

How does rakeback work? Well, first, you need to understand how poker rooms make money. Unlike when you play in a casino, you never play against the house at poker; the only opponents you play against are the other players, and it’s their money you’re trying to win.

But the house does make money, of course – and that money comes from the rake. The rake is an amount of money taken out of each pot. This usually amounts to 5% or so of the pot, up to a set maximum. For instance, at PKR, let’s say you were playing a $1/$2 no limit hold’em game with a full 10 players at the table. PKR would take 5 cents out for every $1 in the pot, up to a maximum rake of $3.

Because it’s a small amount, it’s easy to forget about this money while you’re playing – but it can add up, and fast. Remember that the rake comes out of every hand that makes it to the flop, so that’s money constantly being taken every time you put money into the pot. For a high volume (or high stakes) player, the rake can easily take hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of their bankroll every month.

PKR Poker rakeback details

That’s where PKR rakeback comes into play. With a rakeback plan, we can give you back 30 percent of the rake you pay each month. That’s free money going back into your pocket, which most players never see! Play enough, and the amounts can be huge – more than any bonus or rewards plan can offer you.

Even if you don’t play cash games, a PKR rakeback plan can earn you plenty of money each month. Tournament entry fees add up the same way the rake does – it’s money the poker room takes out of every tournament they run. In a $10 + 1 tournament, that $1 is the entry fee – the money that doesn’t go into the prize pool. Just like the rake you pay in cash games, you can get 30 percent of these fees back every month with our PKR rakeback plan.

Perhaps the best part of our PKR rakeback plan is that you’re getting rakeback at a large, popular room where there’s plenty of action. Many small poker rooms offer rakeback deals, but they rarely have the games you want at the stakes you play at. With a PKR rakeback deal, you know you’ll always get to play the games you want – and earn extra money while you do.

Sign up for PKR rakeback

If you plan to play online poker for a long time, choosing a rakeback plan might be the most important decision you make in your poker career, and could make a huge difference for your bankroll. Sign up for our 30%  PKR rakeback plan today, and you’ll be making a smart financial decision that will pay off for years to come.