PKR Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal has been one of the most successful television game shows over the last decade. It has been showed in over 20 different countries, with contestants winning as much as $1 million in the United States version of the game, and a prize worth approximately $6.6 million in the version of the game show shown in the Netherlands. PKR Deal or No Deal recreates the excitement of the show in your own home, allowing you to try and win big by finding the case with the most money. Now you can play Deal or No Deal Online from your own home!

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How the deal or no deal game at PKR works

For those not familiar with the game show, here’s how it – and PKR Deal or No Deal online game– works. The player is presented with 26 different cases, each of which contains a different amount of money in it. The player picks one case, which remains closed.

Next, the player has to select several cases from among the other 25 to be opened. As they are opened, the amounts in them come off the board, as they are no longer possible for the player to win them. After a set number of cases have been opened, the player receives a phone call from “The Banker,” who makes an offer to the player to buy the case for a certain amount of money.

The amount offered is based on which cases are still remaining in play, and is usually a little lower than the average of the remaining cases. This leaves the player with a decision – do they want to lock in their winnings now, or take the chance at winning even more (or much less) by continuing on. This is where the games gets its name; the player can choose to take the offer from The Banker (DEAL) or turn it down and keep playing (NO DEAL).

The game continues, with the player opening more cases to get new deals from the banker. If at any time the player accepts the deal, the game is over. If the player goes all the way to the end, they will get one last deal with two cases remaining. If they turn down that deal, they get the chance to keep their case, or switch it for the one remaining case. Finally, they will open the case they’ve chosen, and receive the amount of money revealed within.

Just like on TV

The PKR Deal or No Deal online game works exactly the same way as the game show on TV, only you get to pick the stakes you play for! Simply download the game from the PKR Deal or No Deal website. The game can then be played in immersive 3D, complete with host Noel Edmonds from the UK version of the television show. You can play for fun, or you can play for real money. The stakes you play for in the real money game can range anywhere from 50 cents to $100, with the prizes available in the boxes reflecting the amount of money you risked at the start of the game.

Download the PKR deal or no deal game

Pkr Deal or No Deal is one of the most exciting online gaming experiences around. Download the Pkr Deal or No Deal software and try it today!