PKR Poker for Mobile Devices

There is more to PKR than just a poker site, as they offer an entire poker community to all of their players. They have informative tutorials on all aspects of playing poker, you can exchange messages via the PKR Poker community pages and discuss poker playing tactics, in fact the PKR website is a must visit site for everyone who enjoys playing poker online.

In recent times however the team ever at PKR have been tremendously busy designing and ultimately launching their own range of mobile poker sites and as such if you own an iPad, iPhone or any type of Android phone or tablet device then you are in luck as you can now, very seamlessly play PRK Poker games anywhere you like!

Play PKR Mobile Poker Now!

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Below are three different ways that you can access the brand new PKR Mobile Poker site, simply take a look at your mobile device and then follow the links below for more detailed information on the respective device you own and you will be amazed at just how easy it is to get online and be playing poker at any time and from wherever you may be.

PKR for Android – The new Android compatible poker platform has recently gone live at the PKR mobile poker site, and boy is it one amazing piece of kit! You will be very hard pressed to find anywhere else a more robust and easy to use poker platform than this little beauty which really has to be seen to be believed.

There are of course plenty of additional little extras you will find on offer at the PKR Android poker site and these include a large and easy to claim welcome bonus, plus ongoing special offer and promotions that are guaranteed to give you plenty of bang for your buck!

The Android platform from PRK has been specifically designed to ensure that you will have an unsurpassed poker playing experience and one that isn’t going to be draining the battery of your mobile device too quickly, feel free to checkout our review of this must play Android Poker site it is the one for you!

PKR for iPhone – You will get the full package when you opt to play at either the online version of the PKR Poker site or when you are accessing their state of the art graphically enhanced iPhone compatible site, this include plenty of bonuses, player comps and special promotions, excellent poker game variants and of course more poker tournaments that you could ever want!

Being such a community based poker site when you sign up and become a member of their iPhone compatible site you will get all of the benefits bestowed too their online poker players and as such you will never be forced to make any compromises what so every when accessing their site on an iPhone.

In fact using an iPhone to play at the PKR Poker site means you have the instant ability to play absolutely anywhere you can think of, all you need is to have a mobile phone signal and have some battery life in your iPhone and you are good to go and will be up and running in no time at all, and if you do decide to give the PRK iPhone poker site a try make sure you bag that new player bonus offers as it is way too generous to miss out on!

PKR for iPad – You may already have plenty of Apps loaded onto your iPad and be used to playing all manner of different games on it, however should you be a fan of playing poker then your next port of call needs to be the PKR mobile poker site as they have now made live their own technically enhanced iPad compatible poker platform that is going to give you the very best poker playing experience possible on any type or model of iPad.

By following the link above you can read our very informative and educational PKR iPad Poker site review, this is going to show you just which poker game variants are on offer, plus it will give you the low down on all of the PKY iPad poker tournaments plus you will of course find out what is currently up for grabs via the PRK iPad Poker sites new player bonus offer, which is too good to miss!

You will find that no matter when you choose to log onto any of the PKR mobile poker sites there are always thousands of fellow players online and with literally hundreds of live open tables for you to sit down and play at then you are always going to be able to get straight down to playing the exact type of poker games you are looking to play.