Poker Emotes – A Way of Expressing Yourself

One of the reasons why PKR is flocked by visitors is the highly advanced software used for the site. The site is probably the most developed one when it comes to additional features, and one such feature worth talking about is PKR emotes. These emotes are nothing but little actions that players can do at the table. This breaks the monotony and brings life to the game. PKR offers a wide variety of emotes you can choose from to put across your feelings while playing.

PKR emotes pave a way for the players to instantly express the whole spectrum of thoughts and emotions in their minds to the table. But how do you do that? This is done with the use of animated gestures and facial expressions provided by the PKR site.

How to go about the process?

While playing you may feel like complimenting your opponent by saying ‘well played’, or may want to do a happy dance after a big won or simply flash a smile in the middle of the game. The PKR emotes enable you to do such things, giving you a fun-filled gaming experience. You can reset the emotes by using the control buttons present at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can also trigger emotions by typing them on the chat box and putting a ‘/’ in front of the text. For example, on typing ‘/kiss’, your character blows out a kiss to everyone on the table. Similarly for congratulating, you type,’/congratulations’, for growl you type,’/growl’ and so on. However, if the emote is meant for a particular opponent, then the person’s name has to be clicked before sending the emote.

PKR’s emote control technology

Along with the different ways to express yourself, PKR also gives you the chance of bluffing against opponents and picking up tells using your skills. This brings a whole new dimension to the world of online poker. You can control the actions of your opponents and enhance your chances of winning with the use of body language, attitudes and even the clothes on your back.

With PKR emotes, you can also set your mood and let the players on the table know how you feel or at least how you want them to think about your feelings. Specific PKR emotes can be used to show that you are confident, disgusted, scared, happy, indifferent, aggressive or anything else. The trick here is to let your body language speak and you can disguise a bluff by hiding your strength.

This is the best way to divert the attention of your opponents. You can also use your body language to speak directly to the players and then keep the conversation going in the chat box.

Building your own character

Another unique feature of the site is that PKR gives you the option of building your character before you set the game, through the unlimited character development options. You can create a character exactly the way you are by modifying it from the hair on the head to the shoe on the feet. You can go about selecting the gender, right skin tone and body shape to create your perfect poker personality.

The face can be built by selecting and tweaking your lips, eyes, nose, hair and ears and thereby rendering a 3D dimension to your face. You can also put your character in the dressing sense that perfectly fits your choice. You can choose from the long list of dresses on the online PKR dress catalogue.

The use of emotes has become very popular  as the players can get themselves more involved into the game by getting a place to play and expressing their thoughts simultaneously.

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