PKR Community – A Look at The Social Aspect of the Site

One of the leading online poker sites, always looks for ways to provide a fun-filled experience to the players, sometimes by adding new features to their software or at times by enabling them to buy real merchandise goods from the PKR shop. The PKR community is yet another feature which the site provides to give the players an enhanced online gaming experience.

PKR community is a place where the site shares information and features of common interests of the PKR players across the globe, or in other words a place, which highlights the social aspect of playing at PKR. The community has a total of ten segments, each highlighting a different social aspect of the site. This article aims to take you through each of the segments to give you a fair understanding of how the PKR community works.

PKR Forums

As the name suggests, a forum is the place on the community, where any kind of discussion, relevant to the site takes place among the players. Beginners may find this section extremely useful to get themselves acquainted with the game. The players get a chance to interact with their fellow PKR mates and thereby a sharing of experiences, tips and strategies takes place. Being a part of such discussions may help the newcomers learn the game better. Discussions also take place on the community meet ups that are organized by PKR every once in a while. Apart from the things mentioned above, feedbacks, suggestions, PKR promotions and any technical issues are generally the common themes of discussion in the forums.

PKR social

Besides, the amazing games, something that sets PKR apart from the competitors is PKR social activities. This segment of the PKR community gives you the chance of meeting your poker buddies at a series of PKR events taking place across the United Kingdom. The PKR socials are all about having fun in these events arranged by the site like poker tournaments, golf tournaments and golf days to name a few. These are basically initiatives taken by the community to get the PKR family together.

News and events

Closely related to PKR social is another segment of the community – news and events. Any initiatives taken by the PKR social are updated in this section. So, in case you want to get yourself informed about the latest PKR arranged tournaments or other developments, glance through the News and Events section and update yourself.

Stacked magazine

Stacked magazine gets delivered to your doorstep once you achieve the silver level of Club PKR. This is given as a form of reward to the players who excel in the poker games. The magazine is packed with the profiles of players, in-depth strategies to succeed in poker, the results of the latest tournaments and a lot more. The issues of the Stacked magazine are now made available for everyone through Stacked online at

Other sections

Team PKR Pro is another section of PKR community where the best and upcoming players are chosen as per their performance on the different tournaments. Player search is the segment that makes your job easy in case you desire to learn about any PKR player. You can simply type the name of the player that interests you, and browse through the search section. In the Rankings section, you can find the prominent PKR players ranked by the site according to their performance in the latest multi-table tournaments. The other sections included in PKR community are Hall of Fame, PKR TV, and photos. Click here and join the PKR community today!